Instead of just using a friend for a spot, invite him or her to team up with you for some of these intense, core-smashing exercises.

These dynamic, heart-pumping movements will seriously challenge you and your partner athletically. Not only will you have to push through some intense muscle burn, but your coordination skills will be put to the test. And while the abs get special attention, many of these moves work the entire body.

A study in 2012 showed that those doing aerobic workouts with a partner, especially when working out together and relying on each other (not just alongside each other in separate workouts), performed for over 10 minutes longer than those working out alone.

Alexia Clark, personal trainer at Alexia Fitness in Scottsdale, Arizona, suggests picking three moves to combine into a full workout. Her favorite combos are the medicine ball situp and burpee, the standing row and inverted plank, and the lunging medicine ball core rotation.

They are full-body exercises that really focus on core stability as well as cardiovascular endurance. You and your workout partner will hit legs, glutes, core, back, chest, and arms, says Clark.

No matter which ones you choose and how you combine them, you are sure to get a killer full-body workout and a performance boost from teaming up with a friend.

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