Space Jam

The NBA was in a fragile place. The game's best player moved on to baseball, other stars suddenly lost their skills and the Knicks were actually a title threat. The NBA even had to shut itself down for a short period of time. Of course, this is part of the plot of Space Jam. And thanks to the Tune Squad's upset of the Monstars, basketball was saved.

Today, we celebrate the 20-year-anniversary of that historic victory. Space Jam was released on Nov. 15, 1996. Of course, in real life, Michael Jordan came back to basketball in 1995 and proceeded to win his second set of three NBA titles.

In a small sample size, each member of the Tune Squad had an opportunity to showcase their skills. We reanalyzed the tape and drew up NBA comparisons for the champion Looney Tunes.

Bugs Bunny: Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade, Bugs Bunny

Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny

Bugs is a natural leader who understands how to share the spotlight. Although he is the de facto captain before Michael Jordan's arrival, Bugs knows how important it is to empower Jordan for the better of the team. Like Wade during James' Heat years, this star shooting guard embraces his role as the No. 2 option.

Tasmanian Devil: Brandon Jennings

Tazmanian Devil, Brandon Jennings

Tazmanian Devil

Speedy, but out of control, the Tasmanian Devil is a spark plug in the backcourt. Unfortunately, you can never be sure what you're going to get.

Lola Bunny: DeMar DeRozan

Lola Bunny/DeMar DeRozan

Lola Bunny

Like DeRozan, Lola is a lanky swingman/swingwoman who can score in bunches. However, if placed in the presence of an All-Star Team -- Lola with the Tune Squad and DeRozan with the U.S. Olympic Team -- both players can adjust to share the basketball and commit to defense.

Tweety Bird: Tyronn Lue

Tweety Bird/Tyronn Lue

Tweety Bird

A strong personality, Tweety wants to play, but he is not as skilled as the main players in the rotation. Tweety is born to motivate and serves as a positive voice on the Tune Squad bench.

Daffy Duck: Nick Young

Daffy Duck, Nick Young

Daffy Duck

Daffy has some skills, but he clearly overrates his talent. He also thinks overly high of his comedy. Daffy is fun to root for, but no team should run an offense through him.

Sylvester: Lance Stephenson

Sylvester, Lance Stephenson


Sylvester has the talent to be a reliable two-way player, but he spends too much time feuding with teammates, notably Tweety.

Foghorn Leghorn: Andrea Bargnani

Foghorn Leghorn, Andrea Bargnani

Foghorn Leghorn

Bargnani is back in Europe this year after ten underwhelming NBA seasons, but this is too perfect to pass up. Foghorn Leghorn is built like a tank, but refuses to use height and weight to his advantage. These two soft players are liabilities in the front court.

Sniffles: Tyler Ulis

Sniffles, Tyler Ulis


Like Tweety and Tyronn Lue, Sniffles and Ulis are undersized, but present a good attitude as they try to find playing time. Sniffles and Ulis are young and still have potential.

Porky Pig: Raymond Felton

Porky Pig, Raymond Felton

Porky Pig

Porky provides solid depth in the Tune Squad backcourt, however, it is hard to ignore Porky has a bit more girth than the average player. Porky and Felton can be more physical than other guards, but they give up some speed. Both are also good ball-handlers.

Wile E. Coyote: Draymond Green

Wile E. Coyote, Draymond Green

Wile E. Coyote

Wile will do anything to stop the opposition from scoring, even if it means lining the rim with dynamite. Green operates with the same school of thought, going as far to use his foot on an opposition's groin.

Elmer Fudd: J.R. Smith

Elmer Fudd, J.R. Smith

Elmer Fudd

Elmer takes a lot of shots (at the hoop and at Bugs Bunny), although, he isn't always accurate. Also, Elmer and Smith both have hops.

Yosemite Sam: Chris Andersen

Yosemite Sam, Chris Andersen

Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd

Both are feared defenders with bushy facial hair.

Granny: James Jones

Granny, James Jones


Well past her prime, Granny is just along for the ride at this point. Of course, she still gets to taste victory when the Tune Squad wins. Jones, who has played with LeBron James every year since 2010-11, just won his third ring in his sixth straight NBA Finals appearance.

Pepé Le Pew: Rudy Gobert

Pepé Le Pew, Rudy Gobert

Pepe Le Pew

Gobert is a Frenchman, who is becoming a rising defensive star in the NBA. No, we are not suggesting he smells bad.

Roadrunner: Rajon Rondo

Roadrunner, Rajon Rondo


Roadrunner has elite speed, but without arms, is essentially non-existent from the outside. Rondo, despite being one of the elite ball-handlers of the last decade, has never developed a reliable jump shot. He is a career 28.9 percent 3-point shooter, and he has never averaged more than 0.9 3-pointers in a game for a season.

Stan Podolak: Zaza Pachulia

Stan Podolak, Zaza Pachulia

Stan Podolak

Stan only gets a chance with the Tune Squad down to four players due to injury. Pachulia, also a dense center, is a starter for the Warriors -- along with four All-NBA Players -- thanks to the Warriors' tilted salary distribution. Golden State had to get rid of Andrew Bogut, Festus Ezeli and Marreese Speights to bring in Kevin Durant.

Bill Murray: Richard Jefferson

Bill Murray, Chris Andersen

Bill Murray

Murray is a fast-talking veteran, who is willing to put in as much effort as possible for his superstar teammate. Murray's leadership is crucial in the final huddle before Jordan's game-winning shot. Jefferson is experiencing a rebirth with the Cavs, finding his role as a veteran leader.

Marvin the Martian: Danny Crawford

Marvin The Martian, Danny Crawford

Marvin The Martian

A level-headed personality who has the respect of Michael Jordan, Marvin the Martian keeps the game flowing despite its incredibly unique circumstances. Critics claim he missed a handful of foul calls, but Marvin should be commended for keeping the game between the lines. Crawford, now in his 33rd season, was voted the NBA's best referee in a Los Angeles Times survey last January. Like Marvin, Crawford would not let the massive implications for the Looney Tunes' future affect his judgment.

Michael Jordan: Russell Westbrook

Michael Jordan, Russell Westbrook

The Tune Squad called upon Jordan to accomplish a seemingly impossible task. He would have to knock off the Monstars, a five-man superteam, with little help on his own roster. He would have to light up his own stat line, while also making others better. He would have to show immense leadership with young and inexperienced teammates. Right now, that is what Westbrook is trying to do in post-Kevin Durant Oklahoma City. On top of that, Westbrook is a Jordan Brand athlete. Jordan has said Blake Griffin makes sense as the star for Space Jam 2, but Westbrook may actually be the more fitting choice.

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