LeBron James, Stephen Curry

The NBA Finals features Stephen Curry and LeBron James, arguably the game's two most popular faces. Such a mega-matchup captivates the nation, but also splits it.

A new fan rooting map shows the divide. Surveying over 10,000 fans (at least 200 from each state), the folks at sportsbettingexperts.com determined the rooting interest of each state.

Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers

While the West Coast clearly leans Warriors, and the Ohio Valley is Cavs country, the rest of the nation is a toss-up. The Cavs have footholds in parts of the Mountain West, but the Warriors have gained a following all the way in New England. The NBA's exposure has come a long way since the days of broadcasting the Finals on a tape delay.

Golden State and Cleveland are back in action for Game 4 Friday night. The Warriors lead the series, 2-1.

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