Stephen Curry, Riley Curry, Ayesha Curry

StephMojis have arrived, and Holy Riley Curry they are good. For a reasonable $1.99, fans can download an app full of Stephen Curry-themed emojis. Pretty much all of the two-time reigning NBA MVP's life is summarized through images and .gifs. Let's take a look.

Riley Rules The App

As if we didn't expect this. Look at her dancing, interrupting press conferences and straight hanging with the fam.

Riley Curry

Stephen Curry, Riley Curry

Riley Curry, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, Riley Curry, Ayesha Curry

Stephen Curry, Riley Curry, Ayesha Curry, Ryan Curry

Ayesha Looks Fly Too

Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry

Chef Ayesha Curry

Speaking of Chef Curry...[MOBILE-AD_ad_dx_middle]

Stephen Curry With The Pot

Chef Stephen Curry

The Rest Of The Curry Family Looks Great

That is, Dad Dell, Mom Sonya and Sister Sydel, a volleyball player at Elon. Seth Curry was featured in a teaser video, but his emoji is not on the current iPhone app.

Dell Curry, Sonya Curry

Sydel Curry

Curry's Panthers Fandom, Golf Game And Pool Skills Are Depicted

Stephen Curry, Carolina Panthers

Stephen Curry, Golf

Stephen Curry, Pool

Stephen Dances

Look at that shimmy.

Stephen Curry Shimmy

Stephen Curry Dance

Oh, Yeah. He Plays Basketball Too

Steven Adams sees these .gifs in his nightmares.

Stephen Curry Step Back

Stephen Curry Jump Shot

Stephen Curry Behind The Back

He's Trying To Get Another One Of These

Stephen Curry Ring

And These Are Just The Two Weirdest Emojis

Riley Curry as Stephen Curry (this was Steph's Twitter avatar for most of last season).

Riley Curry, Stephen Curry

And here is what appears to be James Harden guarding Stephen Curry, but both have faces that look more like Kanye West.

James Harden, Stephen Curry, Kanye West

StephMoji also features other Curry basketball moves, his fashion, signature plays, references to commercials, chef imagery, faces and referees. Curry teased the app on Twitter:

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