Andrews Stars in Dos Equis Ad

Just about anyone with any sense of humor enjoyed the classic "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercial series by beer manufacturer Dos Equis.

And ever since lead actor Jonathan Goldsmith announced his retirement from the franchise after 10 years via this tear-jerking ad, in which the character takes a one-way trip to Mars, we've all felt an understandable void.

Now, roughly three months after Goldsmith's swan song, Dos Equis is attempting to restore that passion.

With the help of Fox Sports reporter and "Dancing With The Stars" host Erin Andrews – most recently in the national spotlight for winning a $55 million lawsuit after she was secretly filmed changing in a hotel room – the company has taken the first step there:

Dos Equis certainly doesn't disgrace Goldsmith's name, as the commercial refers to Andrews as only the world's 5,008th most interesting person in the world. Still, early returns suggest fans don't seem too thrilled with the attempted reboot of the series, as the video at one point had a relatively weak 30-to-64 "like-to-dislike" ratio on YouTube.

As for the future of the commercials, AdAge reported that Andrews will not be the long-term replacement for Goldsmith. But with the commercial's bold challenge in its final seconds – "Think you're interesting? Prove it." – it's unlikely that we've seen the last of Dos Equis' "auditions."

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