Oatmaha Beer

Budweiser has new competition for Peyton Manning's mouth -- and his heart. A Colorado brewery is honoring the Super Bowl-winning quarterback with a new brew called "Oatmaha."

The name is a shout-out to one of Manning's famous pre-snap audibles, which gained fame a couple postseasons ago when broadcast microphones picked him up shouting it to the Broncos' offense.

"Oatmaha" is an oatmeal pale ale from Factotum Brewhouse, which created the beer in collaboration with Indianapolis' Tow Yard Brewing.

Of course, it's only available on a limited-edition basis:

Manning, who has invested in some Anheuser-Busch distributorships, gave an unscripted plug for Budweiser in his TV interview during the Broncos' Super Bowl celebration. The next day the Brewers Association sent him a care package of 10 craft beers.

Oatmaha is a nice tribute, but the comedic value pales in comparison to the Tim Tebow-themed from 2011, "Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper." That beer was made by Colorado's Bonfire Brewing.

Your move, Budweiser.

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