Smart Bottle Opener Seeks Widespread Adoption

Behind the innovation of start-up company Bottle Opener X, you can pop open a beer and notify friends about it on social media all in a single motion. Behold the self-proclaimed "World's First Smart Bottle Opener," which has a Kickstarter campaign behind it.

From a bottle-opening standpoint, the device – informally known as the BOx – is relatively common. A metal hook reaches under the cap of whatever beverage one may be enjoying for a fairly simple opening process.

But while this feature is certainly helpful, it's the social aspect of the BOx that distinguishes it from all of its predecessors.

As is explained in the YouTube video below, the BOx features a Wi-Fi chip inside of it, and this chip enables the device to connect with any smartphones able to download the BOx app. As a result, the device is able to share information with its owner's friends regarding the time, location and type of beverage being consumed, resulting in a social component the likes of which had never been seen in such a machine:

The device hasn't even been released to the public, but rave reviews have already been coming in. New York Magazine wrote that "this very stupid social bottle opener is all I want from the Internet of things," while MSN merely wrote that "the future is here."

As such, the fundraising efforts have gotten out to a phenomenal start. By late Wednesday, the company's Kickstarter page had raised more than $14,600 of its $15,264 goal. With 25 days left until the deadline, it seems like a shoe-in that BOx will surpass the mark.

In the meantime, we can all sit back, relax and watch the future unfold before our eyes – perhaps with our favorite brew in hand.

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