Fifth Quarter

Blake Griffin, Jimmy O. Yang

Blake Griffin stars as a race walking champion named Sheldon King in the opening episode of The 5th Quarter's new season, which launches November 30.

Produced by OBB Pictures for Verizon's go90, The 5th Quarter features athletes and entertainers in a series of mockumentaries. For example, in addition to Griffin, the "Born To Walk" episode includes ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne playing the role of a race walking expert while iconic pro wrestling announcer Jim Ross provides "event" commentary.

"When directing athletes it's important to remember that they aren't actors and if you know their sensibilities and limitations, you can set them up to be really successful," director Michael D. Ratner says. "These sorts of opportunities are a really unique way for athletes to connect with their fans that just simply doesn't come through with a mic in their face in the locker room after the game. It's a lot of fun."

Here is the full episode in which Jimmy O. Yang of "Silicon Valley" plays King's rival, Jimmy Kong. Yep, you got it: King vs. Kong.

For more of The 5th Quarter, check out go90. Two other episodes will be released at the same time as "Born To Walk. Additional episodes will be released December 10 and December 17, with the following season scheduled to begin early next year.