Dallas Mavericks

Two weeks ago, ThePostGame went to Yankee Stadium for a food preview and saw an intriguing new way to style beer. Using a "The Ripple Maker" from Ripples, representatives from the Yankees showed media how to imprint logos and players' faces on beer foam.

Within hours, MLB was on the Yankees' case, because using players' likenesses to sell alcohol is a violation of MLB rules.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, the Mavericks are taking note of the positives that came out of this publicity. Although fans may not be able to sip on their favorite players' faces, they can gulp down their team's logos.

On Tuesday, the Mavericks will use their own Ripple Maker for "themed content," meaning team logos and messages. No players' faces will be involved in this promotion. The machine will imprint the beer in American Airlines Center's Budweiser 76 Lounge only during a pre-game happy hour.

At 24-57, the Mavericks are a far cry from a playoff spot, but their Tuesday opponent, the 20-61 Phoenix Suns, are even farther from tasting the postseason. The promotion will breathe a little more life to an otherwise afterthought of a regular-season finale. Maybe Mark Cuban will even put his face on one beer (to be clear, there are no public plans for that).

Mavs fans should also have an eye on the NBA 2K League. Mavs Gaming held the first pick in the recent inaugural NBA 2K League Draft and Dimez will start his reign in Dallas next month.

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