Kobe Bryant

Legendary NBA assistant coach Tex Winter learned the triangle offense while playing for Sam Barry at USC. As the story goes, Winter brought that offense to the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers as Phil Jackson's assistant. The stars of those teams, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, became two of the most prolific wings in the history of the game.

Jackson is now president of the New York Knicks, and the team is in its second year of trying to implement the triangle offense under head coach -- and former Laker -- Derek Fisher. Centered around Carmelo Anthony, the system has seen its ups and downs.

Kobe is not impressed. During a lull in action between the Lakers and Knicks at Madison Square Garden Sunday, the 37-year-old lectured Knicks super fan Spike Lee.

Is Kobe shooting 32 percent from the field? Yes. Is Kobe well past his prime? Yes. Are the Lakers going to get a high lottery pick in next year's draft? Yes.

But Kobe is still one of the brightest basketball minds in the world, and the triangle offense was where he shined the brightest. His analysis of the Knicks has legitimacy. For the record, he says, "[That] ain't no f***in' triangle, that's a square."

Lee responds with, "I think you walked last time you had the ball."

Kobe putting his hand over his mouth when dropping the f-bomb is a suave veteran move to avoid a fine. But this Tweeter got him anyway.

Lee directed the 2009 documentary film, Kobe Doin' Work, which followed Kobe for one day during the 2007-08 season. Kobe shot 46.7 percent that year, and the Lakers won a title. That is not happening in 2015-16.

On Sunday, the Knicks edged the Lakers, 99-95. Anthony led the Knicks with 24 points. Bryant tied for the Lakers team-high with 18 points.

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