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Kobe Bryant is so old he was almost in NBA Jam.

That diss would be a lot better if Bryant was actually old enough to be in the cult NBA arcade game, which was released with 1993-94 rosters. (Why did it have to come out the one season Jordan was out of the league?) Bryant debuted in 1996.

Now, Bryant is in NBA Jam. Sort of. And for all the wrong reasons.

The Cauldron just obliterates Bryant in the video, saying, "At least he's not hurt," "He should retire" and "What a great contract." Bryant shot 4-for-11 in the game above, a 120-109 loss to the Nuggets.

Poor, Kobe, who does not need this to tell him he is not the superstar he once was.

Kudos to the video editor on great 1993-esque graphics.

For the record, Bryant was included in the 2003 and 2010 NBA Jam sequels, and Kevin Garnett is the league's longest tenured player, debuting in 1995.

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