James Harden

Last spring, it was Lil B who was trolling James Harden. The rapper insisted Harden "stole" Lil B's cooking dance as the Rockets star's celebration. Lil B, who is from the Bay Area, went as far as to curse Harden, and he sat behind the Rockets' bench during the Warriors' Western Conference Finals Game 5 clinching win (Harden had a playoff-record 13 turnovers).

Harden didn't learn his lesson. Instead he's the one doing the trolling. The Rockets provided fans at Wednesday night's game versus the Magic with a bobblehead of Harden doing the cooking dance, or as the team calls it, his "stir-it-up" dance.

Lil B does not approve.

For context, part of Lil B's shtick is bad grammar.

Harden, who struggled through the Rockets' first three games of the season, has since had two strong games in two wins. On Wednesday, Harden had 28 points and 7 rebounds.

Lil B is not impressed.

James Harden is toying with the Based God again. Instead of waiting for the playoffs, the feud is starting from the get-go this year. There's just no way this can end well for Harden.

Remember, Lil B, who had an offer to tryout for a D-League team this summer, also has an off and on curse on Kevin Durant.

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