After 30 years of gambling success, the most famous sports bettor in Las Vegas history is under attack again from the United States federal government.

Bill Walters, featured on CBS during a "60 Minutes" feature in January, is said to be the focus of the Internal Revenue Service, according to KLAS-TV 8 News Las Vegas. Walters was so good at picking winners, he's been banned from placing large wagers at sports books. So instead he employs a network of secret agents to drop the bets for him.

A 43-year-old man named Robert Walker was indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of betting large amounts of cash at a Las Vegas sports book and lying about the source of the money. Walker is believed to be one of Walter's betting agents, known as "beards."

Walker is said to have made four big bets of more than $10,000 each at the Golden Nugget in March and April, winning more than $72,000. The thought is he placed those wagers on behalf of Acme Group Trading, LLC, the business started by Walters.

IRS agents, according to reports, were dumbfounded by Walters appearance on "60 Minutes." KLAS-TV 8 News says federal agents offered Walker a deal if he would rat out Walters, but he declined to participate.

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By federal law, casinos have to file accurate reports of money transactions of more than $10,000. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the law is in place to stop money laundering.

During the "60 Minutes" story Walters admitted to being indicted four times, yet the U.S. government isn't faring well against the man who has the power to bring sports books to their knees. The feds have lost each time.

Robert Walker was let out of custody on Wednesday; his trial is set for Feb. 7, in Las Vegas. Walters has yet to publicly comment on his latest legal headwinds.

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