Nobody is saying much about the status of a New York baseball legend, and the silence is concerning.

Mariano Rivera said last week he was planning to visit a doctor on Monday regarding trouble with his vocal cords. The Yankees closer might need a surgical procedure to fix his voice, which has had a raspy whisper over the past month.

The Yankees refused to say anything to the New York Post about Rivera's health, citing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, since it's not a baseball injury. Unless Rivera gives the Yankees permission, the ball club can't legally talk about his medical condition.

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Major League Baseball's career saves leader said while some think a shaving of the vocal cords would be a minor procedure, that's not necessarily true. "When you are talking about surgery there is nothing simple," Rivera said.

The Post quotes Rivera as saying his voice issue "gets worse and worse."

Rivera has won five world championships in pinstripes, with 12 All-Star appearances in 17 big league seasons. He is arguably the most valuable Yankee of the modern era.

Today is Rivera's 42nd birthday. He has hinted retirement is an option for after the 2012 season.

This video is from Rivera's charity event last week, you can hear his raspy sounding voice 38 seconds into the clip from the New York Daily News website.

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