Barack Obama, JR Smith

Barack Obama is a busy man, tasked with pursuing world peace, building a functioning global economy, and ensuring domestic safety. In his downtime this month, Obama followed the NBA Finals.

And he has a new executive order: J.R. Smith needs to put a shirt on.

Here's the full video of the president chatting with Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue:

"Tell J.R. and everyone to put on a shirt," Obama says.

"I definitely will," Lue answers.

"You can't just be walking around without a shirt," Obama says.

Smith took off his shirt Sunday night during the Cavs' stopover in Las Vegas. When the team plane landed in Cleveland Monday morning, Smith walked off the plane topless. At the victory parade on Wednesday, Smith was still shirtless, and he also wore his game shorts.

On Thursday, Smith started off his day on the golf course shirtless, but he eventually changed into a Nike golf shirt.

Although Smith's shirtless run was fun, Obama's mandate is good for America. Now the president can turn his focus to more pressing issues.

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