J.R. Smith

LeBron James proved he could bring a title to Cleveland, Kyrie Irving proved he could be a good teammate and Tyronn Lue proved he could lead a team full of egos.

But since the buzzer sounded in the NBA Finals, the feel good success story has been about J.R. Smith. Considered an erratic me-first shooting guard for a decade, Smith finally won an NBA title. His post-championship Father's Day press conference was heartfelt, and a few hours later, he was shirtless in Las Vegas.

When the Cavs plane landed in Cleveland the following day, Smith was again topless.

Smith continued showing off his boyish charm at the Cavs' victory parade. The pictures are outstanding.

Congrats, J.R. Continue to enjoy yourself. You are the hero Cleveland needs and deserves.

P.S. Looks like Smith has rubbed off on teammates Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert and Mo Williams:

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