San Antonio Spurs Kiss Cam

We've all seen awkward moments on the kiss cam. But the San Antonio Spurs may have perfected the trick:

The Spurs' graphics dude has a ton of gusto. He tinkers with the text, asking the couple if they are ready for the kiss cam and if they are on a first date. The guy in the couple -- who, by the way, seems interested in kissing -- gestures this is not their first date.

The girl is not having it. She covers her face while sipping on her soda. Her male counterpart hides beyond his hat while sucking down a beer.

The Spurs are relentless, and finally, when they bring the mistletoe graphic, the couple exchanges a quick peck.

Thanks to Twitter, the male individual revealed himself as Kyle Collins, assistant men's golf coach at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has been with the girl in the video for almost a year (or so he claims).

Collins graduated from UTSA in 2009 and was the Roadrunners' captain as a senior. He spent time on the Adams Pro Tour and NGA Hooters Pro Golf Tour before a back injury forced retirement.

The Spurs responded to their new local celebrity.

The Spurs beat the Jazz in this Sunday night game, 118-81, so at least Collins had that going for him.

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