Real recognize real. LeBron James has props for Aaron Miller.

Miller, 16, was recently named the MVP of a Boston-area basketball tournament associated with the Special Olympics. He was honored at TD Garden during a second-quarter timeout of the Celtics-Cavaliers game.

Soon after, Miller got an unexpected visit from the four-time NBA MVP.

"I wasn't able to hear the whole story because I was in the game and Coach was drawing up the play," James said about Miller's tribute. "But I looked up by the JumboTron and I saw what [Miller had] been through and where he is now. I think the doctor said he would never walk again or talk again. ... I looked up there and right from there, it became so much more than basketball."

Miller was born with severe brain damage that doctors believed would paralyze him. His life has consisted of thousands of hours of surgery and physical therapy. Miller has overcome his conditions to the point he plays basketball and golf at Newton North High School.

For James, the moment was made even more special for him, as Miller wore a pair of Nike Zoom Solider 8 Flyease. James established the line as hassle-free footwear for those with disabilities.

"I designed those shoes for kids with conditions where they can't tie their own shoestrings, and he had a pair on," James said. "Those shoes that he had on are made for kids that can't tie their own shoes, and it's just one strap. When I saw his story, it was just like, I don't know, I felt like I was a part of him. Just showing my respect, gave him my shoes. It was well received by him. It was not for you guys or the fans. It was for him."

After the game, Miller got to keep the most authentic model of LeBrons in the world.

The Cavaliers won, 89-77, behind 24 points and 7 rebounds from James.

Miller, a Celtics fan, was wearing a sweet Isaiah Thomas jersey. But the loss probably didn't hurt him too much.

The next morning, James posted a message to Miller on Instagram:

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