Kobe Bryant Fans

Tickets for Kobe Bryant's farewell tour are in heavy demand. Fans are carving out space in their wallets to afford one last in-person glimpse of the Mamba in action.

Two fans from Italy set the new standard for Kobe appreciation. The Milan natives say that when Bryant announced his retirement, they quit their jobs and moved to America (settling in Chicago) to follow Kobe's farewell tour.

As the TV broadcast explains (and this video is on the official NBA YouTube channel), the two men claim to have paid $30,000 to follow Bryant around the country. The appearance at the United Center is their only "home" game of the season.

These two fans were introduced to the world at Bryant's final visit to Philadelphia, his birth city (although Bryant also spent a chunk of his childhood in Italy).

With their signs and flamboyancy, these two fans are becoming a relevant side act to Kobe's retirement swing. They can pay back their debts with the money they make from their book or documentary.

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