Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is the NBA leader in points per game and swag per game. The reigning MVP is cruising toward a second straight MVP award for a team that might set the single-season wins record. He is also the self-proclaimed best player in the world, and nobody is refuting it.

But after the All-Star Game Sunday night, Curry's starpower was dwarfed by Kobe Bryant. Curry made sure to get his game-worn jersey signed by one of the NBA's all-time legends.

Curry looks like a scrawny, nervous kid, awkwardly looking around the room while his idol signs the first piece of memorabilia he could find. Even after signing the shirt, Bryant has better things to do, like talk to veterans, and he gives Curry a half-hearted, sort of awkward, hand-shake-dap-high-five-type thing.

Remember, Curry recently talked about trash-talking Kobe as a rookie. It did not work.

For the record, we all totally missed this. While TNT was showing Bryant in the final seconds of the game, Stephen Curry drained a half-court shot, because of course he did.

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