The most talked-about summer diet in sports has finally been revealed.

At the unveiling of his "LeBron 12" in Oregon this month, LeBron James finally pulled back the curtain on the meal plan that led him to lose all that weight this offseason.

"I had no sugars, no dairy, I had no carbs," James said, according to "All I ate was meat, fish, veggies and fruit. That's it. For 67 straight days."

Entering his 12th NBA season and nearing his 30th birthday, James made it a point the past few months to slim down. He says he lost the weight to be in top shape for training camp and also to test his "mental fortitude."

While it's unclear exactly how much weight James actually lost, it's probably in the 10-20 pound range. James, who is 6-foot-8, has fluctuated between 250 and 260 pounds the past few years.

James started a trend, and his superstar friends Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade also dropped weight.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forward has been posting photos of his meals, and they're all consistent with what he told reporters:

"Lunch is served. Arugula salad with chicken, strawberries, mango, cashews and olive oil/lemon vinaigrette dressing. Bowl of squash and zucchini and glass of H2P #YummyInMyTummy"

"Dinner is served! Lobster salad with asparagus and mango chutney. #Amazing #MykonosFollowing"

James even had to turn down a personalized cake while on vacation in Greece because it broke about every rule of his diet:

As it turns out, James may have lost too much weight, and he's said that before the season starts he's hoping to "pick up a couple pounds back." He should have no problem with that.