As the NBA season nears, the conversation and questions surrounding LeBron James are numerous:

Can he lead the Cavaliers to the Finals in his first year back in Cleveland? How will the Heat play without him? Is the Eastern Conference once again up for grabs?

But until those questions are settled, there's one looming issue that seems to puzzle even James' biggest fans: What is going on with his hair?

A few weeks ago James' hairline looked great -- suspiciously so, some thought.

And now the controversy surrounding James' hair has returned, er, regressed.

James was photographed at Cavaliers practice sans headband, and his hairline looked way different than it did a few weeks ago.

Predictably, James' new (old?) look prompted lots of humorous tweets:

James surely has a lot on his mind, as he is adjusting to a new team in a league that looks very different than it did at this time last year. He and his wife are also expecting a baby girl any day now. So it's safe to say that the four-time MVP has more important things to worry about than his hair.

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