Snapbacks are back, Starter jackets are back and even OutKast is back. The 90s are in again, but something is missing.

Short shorts.

One man in Los Angeles is ready to change that. Chris Douglas-Roberts signed with the Clippers on Sept. 3, and when he requested his team gear, he provided a surprise:

His announcement was met with questions from fans wondering why a player in 2014 would make such a monster fashion decision. Douglas-Roberts, the 2008 Conference USA Player of the Year at Memphis (over Derrick Rose, by the way), explained:

Although short shorts were an NBA staple for decades, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls began wearing longer and baggier models in the late 1980s. The Illinois Flying Illini team that went to the NCAA Final Four in 1989 featured lots of Chicagoland players such as Nick Anderson and Kendall Gill who followed Jordan's lead. But then Michigan's Fab Five went even longer and gained national attention during their runs the NCAA championship game in 1992 and 1993.

Let Jalen Rose take it away:

John Stockton was one of the notable holdovers who kept short shorts alive through the 90s and into the early 2000s.

Douglas-Roberts now wants to pull out the throwback shorts and give the tight trim some life. Although he may not see a ton of the court in 2014-15, the 27-year-old NBA journeyman is sure to make a fashion statement when he rips off his sweatpants.

In the meantime, CDR provides fans with a preview on Instagram:

Maybe Douglas-Roberts can talk the whole team into short shorts. Can anyone imagine Blake Griffin going up for an alley up with shorts above his thighs?

But then again, if they were good enough for Charles Barkley ...

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