Josh Childress has a rule about his sneaker collection, which features more than 800 pairs and includes custom models from other NBA players.

"I would only ask guys for shoes if I could fit them and wear them," Childress says.

The exception?

A pair of Air Jordan 12's that Gary Payton wore.

"It's bright," Childress says of the yellow-and-white color scheme. "Somebody would know it's not a general release. I had to have this shoe."

Childress, the Hawks' 2004 first-round pick from Stanford, says he grew up with a big fascination for sneakers. Childress recalls how his older brother motivated him to get good grades by dangling sneakers as the prize.

"It's a big part of basketball culture in general," says Childress, who played eight seasons in the NBA, plus two in Greece. "There were times when I used to tune into games just to see what guys were wearing."

Check out this video as Childress gives a tour of his collection that has lots of old Jordans, including one with a mocha-colored trim, and other classics:

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