The Tobacco Road rivalry is so strong, athletes can't even take a break from competing during spring break. The women's lacrosse teams from both Duke and UNC are engaged in the ultimate spring break battle royal to help pass the time until the NCCA championships. But this battle isn't being fought on the field. It's happening on YouTube.

Last week, Duke goalie Mollie Mackler sent a video the team put together to the tune "Call Me Maybe" by Canadian chanteuse Carly Rae Jepsen.

What the ladies may lack in choreography, they make up for in creativity and set location. We can just imagine the fight over who got to play in the fountain ...

The hotel hallway and the airport scenes are certainly standouts. And we're glad the men's LAX players made special appearances.

Once the Tar Heels got wind of of the Blue Devils dabbling in the world of music videos, naturally they had to chime in with their own - to the same song, of course. Midfielder Jess Griffin sent IL Women their version, which includes some pretty fun props, and a shower scene:

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I mean, what music video is complete without a sumo suit, a banana telephone and a colander (in an appropriate shade of sky blue) fashioned as a hat?

We're not taking sides, but IL Women is holding a vote here.

The Tar Heels tweeted that they're hoping the competition lands them on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

More than 5,000 votes have been cast, with Duke ahead by just a few at the time of this post. Still, it's too soon to know which team is on the shorter road from the lacrosse field to homemade music video fame.

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