Conventional wisdom says that great announcers are made, not born (though one assumes Vin Scully was delivering spectacularly elegant commentary of his own birth). But one high school announcer in Chicago has learned early in his burgeoning career that riding the waves of euphoria in the closing moments of a game can lead to instant stardom. This has been referred to in a number of academic circles as the "Gus Johnson Pandemic."

It doesn't take much to set this clip up. Marist High School is down and has the ball in the closing minutes of a pivotal game against Curie High School. Our intrepid announcer has the call. (Click on the timeline to jump to the explosion of awesome).

Bizarrely, as the good people at Deadspin pointed out, Marist is he same high school that produced this announcer hysteria during football season:

Now, it's possible that the same student is responsible for the stellar commentary at both sporting events. Or it could be that Marist, or the Chicago area, just happens to produce the most histrionic young broadcasters in existence. Either way, they're keeping us entertained.

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