John Calipari loves him some Pope Francis. The Kentucky basketball coach and recruiting savant cashed in on one of the better negotiations he's made in recent memory Wednesday, earning a coveted seat in the house where the Pope addressed Congress.

Coach Cal was bragging about the big event the day before, gushing over the Pope and promising to throw in some prayers for Kentucky's "Big Blue Nation."

Calipari was sure to thank Speaker of the House John Boehner for his invitation. Coach Cal said he'd been lobbying Boehner for the past year to be in attendance for the Pope's speech.

A U.S. House of Representatives member caught a candid shot of Calipari sitting up in the balcony:

Calipari, an outspoken Catholic, continued to rave about the experience afterward, urging people to listen to the Pope's message of serving others.

No word yet on whether the Pope thinks going 38-0 is more impressive than winning a national championship.

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