As his Kentucky Wildcats boarded the plane for a game at LSU, John Calipari thought he had everyone accounted for. But when they landed in Louisiana, Calipari realized something bad had happened.

The team was short one player.

It turned out that Kevin McCallister Trey Lyles, a 7-year-old boy freshman from suburban Chicago Saskatoon, Canada, was not with the team.

Let me stop you right there, John. We've heard this story before.

Anyways, Calipari quickly hit the ground searching for Kevin Trey. He called upon Twitter for help, fearing Kevin Trey had been left all alone in a suburban mansion Lexington, Kentucky.

Then rumors began to swirl that Kevin Trey had been found:

And then, rest easy, they found Kevin Trey. Turns out he was there the whole time.

Still waiting on the tweet where Calipari chews Trey out for spending $967 on room service.

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