Eric Wright
"Fellas pls make sure u keep the chick u walkin wit to the inside of the street.. You walk closest to the street.."
How I See It: Eric "McLovin" Wright knows how treat a woman.

Kim Glass
"Sunday Funday has JUST begun... Late start but better late than never ;0} cheeeeeaaaaaaa "
How I See It: I think Kim just made the first double chin emoticon Twitter has ever seen.

LaMarcus Aldridge
"Nothing is like Cabo Mexican food !"
How I See It: Well, I'd like to think Taco Bell is pretty close.

Ryan Grant
"I have no idea what was written on my twitter lol.. But it def wasn't me .. #leftonline"
How I See It: That's what they all say.

Zab Judah
"Very windy in Vegas today!!!"
How I See It: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ... so that means don’t Tweet about it.

Alana Beard
"Is it an insult to compare your dog's teeth to someone's baby's teeth?"
How I See It: Only if the dog you are comparing it to is Fluffy from Harry Potter.

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