Graeme McDowell
"Oops. That was not the day I wanted. Bogied 6 and 7 and went completely flat. Chased it and couldn't make it happen. Onwards and upwards."
How I See It: Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Carlos Delgado
"un dia de estos va a parar de llover...."
How I See It: Translation: One day, I was a superstar. The next, I was a Met.

Tiger Woods
"Bummed that my left leg has me on the sidelines, but I want, and expect, to be at the US Open. Will do all I can to get there."
How I See It: Tiger should come to the next few tournaments in a suit like an injured NBA player.

John Calipari
"Headed to the Dominican Republic. I'll check in later."
How I See It: I'd just like to remind you that all NCAA recruiting laws apply to foreign recruits, as well (see Enes Kanter).

Michael Huff
"Never let basketball come between a friendship....."
How I See It: @kobebryant @shaquilleoneal

Stuart Holden
"Overwhemled with appreciation! Thx, cnt wait 2 get back tom! :) RT @BWFC_Dave: Stu Holden crowned Junior Whites Player of the Year' #bwfc"
How I See It: Is that for the young player with the best bleached hair?

Andy Roddick
"An Italian bird just shat on me"
How I See It: Cool.

Nate Robinson
"Man ull flip ur cheese bra lol #WorDaApP #swag-swag RT @Rico_swagged_up: @nate_robinson @KendallKjear I got my rent money on Nate Lmao"
How I See It: No idea what that all means, but just give the ball to Kevin Durant and everything will be okay.

Steve Nash
"RT @MR_RETWEET_: Im so done wit the suns! The ceo jus announce he's gay.@stevenash please leave(Perfect example of how we still need to grow"
How I See It: Did Steve Nash really just a retweet a comment about how the Suns should get rid of him and rebuild? Is nobody in the Phoenix front office panicking yet?

Clay Matthews
"If LA traffic is dumb... NY is just stupid. Whole nother lever!"
How I See It: Yeah, but in LA, they just shake off your criticism. In NY, they don't take any crap. I recommend getting the hell out of Manhattan before someone sees this.