Jalen Rose
""Everything around us is made up of energy....to attract positive things in your life,start by giving off positive energy" #inspiration"
How I See It: Don't you mean give off negative energy? Opposites attract, you know that!

Nate Clements
"What a day leaving Chuckie Cheese"
How I See It: I thought that was strictly for children under the age of 10 ...

Shaun Phillips
"Bam got to my flight and got bumped to first class."
How I See It: That’s more of a "wahooooo" than a "bam."

Leonard Weaver
"Also, not to mention, don't listen to the crazy people trying to predict the exact day, the world will end..... They don't know nothing!"
How I See It: Wait, double negative, so they know everything! Woah.

Kenny Wallace
"I want to tell you all about my day so here we go in the next couple tweets"
How I See It: Save everybody the trouble and just get a blog. Like Twitter, they're free too.

Greg Olsen
"Had a great time and the police vs fire dept. FB game in Chicago. Great to support two groups who do so mch for us all."
How I See It: Wait a second! If the police and the fire department are playing, then who's protecting the city?