Baron Davis
"LOL and its still #FearTheBeard @JHarden13"
How I See It: Everyone also talks about the conspiracy between Team USA members to get together on whichever team possible. However, I've always known it was the brotherhood of bearded ballers we should have been worrying about the whole time. Those guys really stick together.

Al-Farouq Aminu
"i am going with dal just cause lol"
How I See It: Anyone else see a career in broadcasting in Aminu's future? He could be the next Charles Barkley.

Blake Griffin
"Hangover 2 premier with @RyanKalil can't wait."
How I See It: Don't set your expectations too high. The second installment never provides the same wall-to-wall entertainment that the first brought. You know, just like what will be said about your second season.

Garrett Hartley
"Playing some tiger tiger woods mentally preparing myself for tomorrows charity golf tourney !!"
How I See It: Mr. Hartley, I hope you know that playing the video game won't prepare you for the real thing. Although, that habit would explain your previously inexplicable missed chip shot in OT against the Falcons last year.

Vernon Davis
"I replace the positive with the negative"
How I See It: While this kind of attitude might sound negative, it should actually be considered optimistic relative to everyone else's state of mind during this increasingly depressing NFL lockout.

LeSean McCoy
"Don't u hate when people tell u everything u want to hear n u find out they B LYING SNEAKY....."
How I See It: All right, guess it is time to 'fess up. LeSean, no the lockout hasn't ended and no, Andy Reid has not been replaced by a coach who values a running game and/or running backs. Sorry.