Kevin Durant
"Man they be cheatin terrible on angry birds...make me wanna throw my phone out the window.."
How I See It: And to think Kevin would be a little more relaxed today. Don't worry! There's no elimination round in Angry Birds.

Ozzie Guillen
"U are the man"
How I See It: My guess is that this wasn't meant for an umpire.

Dwyane Wade
"I had 2 laugh at ths..I was playing my oldest son Zaire on his nerf rim & he dunked & said Gibson while screaming..L2MS Kids u gotta luv em"
How I See It: Something tells me Pat Riley and Eric Spoelstra don't have a sense of humorabout this.

David Ortiz
"Check me out in the streets of New York. Thanks again ."
How I See It: These hugs are definitely staged (not that I'm a biased Yankee fan or anything).

Curtis Granderson
"lots of proms going on tonight around the country. PLEASE BE SAFE!!!"
How I See It: Thanks, Mom.

Jeremy Shockey
""God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world" - Ed McMahon"
How I See It: I thought he invented it to keep Jeremy Shockey from being the best tight end in the league.

Jozy Altidore
"So sorry to the guy that came to the game today in the USA jersey nd scarf I didn't get a chance to say hi after the game! Thanks for coming"
How I See It: Relax, Jozy. It was probably just your dad.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
"Apparently Floyd Mayweather Knows a Thing or Two About PED Testing - - Article by Dr. Johnny Benjamin"
How I See It: Seriously? Tweeting an article from December 2009? We get it, you wanted stricter PED testing. Now can you stop making excuses, fight Pacquiao and save professional boxing?

Luke Donald
"A solid week, but a lot of what if's too. The upside, I didn't have my best this week and still had a chance. #keepgettingbetter"
How I See It: Yeah, only your seventh consecutive PGA Tour top-10 finish. No big deal.

LeBron James
"Can't sleep! To excited right now. Breaking down film til I fall back to sleep"
How I See It: Maybe if you would have stayed up and watched that film instead of taking a nap all day, you would have figured out how to get past Luol Deng.