Stephen Curry

At a golf event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Warriors star Stephen Curry discussed his recent experience playing golf with the president. Like Barack Obama, Curry is a skilled golfer himself -- he told the media he began playing when he was 12, and while the NBA season doesn't allow for many rounds, he tries to catch up in the offseason.

Obama's game, on the other hand, is a sight to behold. When asked to demonstrate how the president plays, Curry said Obama's approach is quick -- two practice swings and a fast shot.

Then Curry was asked to imitate Obama's golf swing. To demonstrate the left-hander's stroke, Curry turned his club upside down and let it rip.

@stephencurry30 does his impression of @barackobama's golf swing ⛳️. Via B/R snapchat: bleacherreport

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Teasing aside, Obama teamed up with Ray Allen against Curry and his father, Dell, and POTUS came away the winner. Curry said Allen's game is smooth and sharp, just like his three-point shooting.

As for Obama's fast approach, it's hard to blame the man. He's got things to do and places to go.

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