Stephen Curry has a level head. He rarely gets rattled on the court and barely changes his expression from tipoff to crunch time. He never cares when people bash his daughter for being too cute and only kind of cares when anyone calls his mom hot.

On Tuesday, Curry finally popped. At least, he did on Twitter, where no one could actually hear him raise his voice.

Our PSA: Keep sports on the field of play. Let the NBA MVP and reigning champion enjoy his life with his family and stop tailing him for autographs. Whether the car was actually following Curry for an autograph or something more serious, safety is a concern.

Look what you did, person trailing the Curry car for 30 miles. You made Stephen mad. Do you know how hard it is to make Stephen Curry mad?

The tweet comes a few days after Curry played golf in Martha's Vineyard with his father, Dell Curry; Ray Allen; and President Barack Obama. Secret Service would have been useful.

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