Almost exactly one year after the "Cousin Terio Dance" took the sports world by storm, another move has swiftly transitioned from pop culture to the sports stage.

Fans watching the U.S. squad accept the championship trophy at the 2014 FIBA World Cup may have noticed the players (except for Derrick Rose, who has always been reluctant to dance) do a sort of shimmy when the confetti started falling.

This dance is called the "Shmoney Dance," and it has its roots in a video produced by an obscure Brooklyn rapper named Bobby Shmurda. It's not the most intricate dance -- it consists of some hip shaking and raised arms -- but the Cousin Terio dance wasn't exactly the tango either. The "Schmoney Dance" continues a long line of sports shimmies, covering everything from the nae nae to the Ickey Shuffle.

The "Shmoney Dance" received perhaps its most important endorsement when Beyonce and Jay-Z recently tried it out during their "On The Run" tour.

Rappers Chris Brown, Drake and a host of other celebrities have done the dance. And NBA players Nick Young, DeMarcus Cousins and Dorell Wright were Shmoney dancing before it was popular.

In addition to the FIBA appearance, the "Schmoney Dance" has made its way into both the NFL and college football.

Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas did the dance after scoring a touchdown during his monster Week 1 performance against the Indianapolis Colts.

Then, on Saturday, Oklahoma defensive tackle Jordan Phillips got in on the party after a sack during the Sooners' game against Tennessee.

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