Mr. Miyagi would be proud.

There's a relatively new sports competition called Kick-It, and it has nothing to do with football or soccer.

Created by Red Bull last year, this event is a blend of martial arts and interpretive dance. For the 2014 championships in South Korea, the background of the 16 Kick-It competitors included taekwondo, kung-fu, capoeira, karate, gymnastics and breakdancing.

Held at the National Theatre in Seoul, Kick-It featured two rounds. In the first, competitors showcased their best tricks. In the second, they had to break boards with their kicking. Check out the dizzying action:

Ingun Yoo, known as "Kick Gun," won this event. See one of his personal videos in which he kicks four targets in one spin of his body. You might need the slo-mo replay at the end of the clip:

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