Connor Barwin is a man of many passions.

The Eagles' 27-year-old linebacker is an athletic specimen, having played both football and basketball at Cincinnati. He's an advocate of public transportation (sometimes taking the bus to practice) and is a music aficionado.

So leave it up to Barwin to add color to Philadelphia's linebackers room with a collection of hilarious and tasteful paintings of his teammates in the style of aristocratic portraits.

Using a company called "Nobilified," Barwin had several works commissioned. He posted the photos to Twitter:

Brandon Graham and Trent Cole:

Josh Kaddu and Marcus Smith II:

Bryan Braman:

For his own painting, Barwin went with a Seinfeld classic:

From personalized protein shakes to tricycles to aristocratic paintings. These days you never know what you'll see at the Eagles' practice facility.

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