Connor Barwin has been known to take a direct route to opposing ball carriers.

The 27-year-old Eagles linebacker leads Philadelphia this year with three sacks. He's got a career total of 21 sacks to go along with 100 tackles.

When Barwin travels around cities, however, he doesn't always take the quickest route. Instead he opts for a more environmentally friendly one.

Barwin, who signed a six-year, $36 million contract with the Eagles during the offseason, tweeted a photo Tuesday of the public bus he rode to work.

Anyone who has followed Barwin's career knows he loves to bike around cities, and he has been spotted throughout Philadelphia on his two-wheeler.

The son of a city planner, Barwin enjoys immersing himself in cities by taking public transportation.

When he played for the Houston Texans, Barwin drove a Toyota Prius to practice to practice (when he didn't take the bus, that is). Now he owns an electric-powered Tesla.

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