At this point in the offseason, we've seen several players take out full-page ads in the local paper to thank their teammates and the fans. It's always a touching, and appreciated, gesture.

Connor Barwin, the former Houston Texans linebacker who recently signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, made a similar gesture. Except his "thank yous" extend well beyond his team and the fans.

In the full-page ad, which appeared in the Houston Press and on Barwin's Facebook page, the 26-year-old had a lot to say. He paid the customary respects, to the city of Houston, his teammates, the fans and the team's owners.

Then things got interesting. Barwin went on to thank his delivery guy at Bombay Pizza (Tim), his cleaning lady (Vilma), the folks at the Edwards Greenway movie theatre for four years of free films, the Texans beat writers and more. Barwin even threw in a shout out to "bread" and "cheesecake." It's unclear if those are nicknames for people or if he's just very thankful for the foods themselves.

Kudos to Barwin for this personal ad. It would be easy to do nothing at all, or simply to write a short note, but Barwin went out of his way to thank lots of different people. And Barwin was only in Houston for four years. Imagine how long this would have been had he spent his entire career with the Texans.