Evan Mathis can't stand excess spending.

The Eagles' offensive lineman, who once urinated (or pretended to) on a sign outside of an IRS building, is a proponent of thriftiness. And in an effort to save himself some extra money on gas, the 32-year-old has found a new way to get to work.

Mathis rolled up to Philadelphia's complex this week on a motorized tricycle, attracting the attention of his teammates and the assembled media members. Mathis told CSN Philadelphia that he got the scooter on Craigslist.

Barwin, who himself has used alternate forms of transportation to get to work, is surely proud of his teammate.

When questioned about his new wheels Mathis, who is set to make $5.15 million this year, said it's a good way to save money on his one-and-a-half mile commute.

Hey, we're all for saving money and being environmentally responsible, and it doesn't look like this vehicle is going to set any land-speed records, but maybe Mathis should also remember the "safety first" motto. Use some of that unspent gas money and buy a helmet.