Professional athletes are used to being solicited for autographs on weird items and at inopportune times, but Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons still must have been thrown off when a woman recently asked him for his signature after crashing into his car.

According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, Parsons was outside the Toyota Center when a woman ran a red light and smashed into his SUV.

After the guilty driver and Parsons, who missed a game over the weekend with a sore back and right wrist, discovered that neither was seriously hurt, she proceeded to ask the forward and part-time model for his John Hancock.

“She said she ran a red light and it was her fault,” Parsons said. "She had a little car so it kind of messed up the front bumper of my car. She was OK. Asked me to sign her insurance card."

It's unclear whether Parsons actually signed the card, but he seems like a good enough guy and probably followed through. No harm, no foul, right?

Parsons was cleared to play on Monday, and he put in 40 minutes and a team-high 21 points in Houston's victory over San Antonio. The 25-year-old is concluding the best statistical season of his career, one in which he has posted per-game career highs in points (16.6), assists (4), rebounds (5.5) and minutes (37.6). His Rockets currently own the fourth seed in the Western Conference.