If you simply cannot get enough of the Miami Heat, you're in luck.

A few months after LeBron James announced that he would be partnering with Starz on a television show based on his life, James' teammate and friend Dwyane Wade has sold a sitcom to Fox that is loosely based on his own journey.

Wade's show, called "Three the Hard Way," will center around a character named Daryl Wade, an NBA superstar who raises two sons as a single parent. A sitcom, "Three the Hard Way" is based on the book Wade released last year, "A Father First."

Wade, who has gone through a highly publicized divorce and custody process, says he'll try to make light out of his struggles.

"I think they'll be able to pull the comedy out of the dark moments," Wade said, according to ESPN. "That was one thing I kept saying before I sold my story. I want to be able to bring some light into the dark times. I always take off from 'The Cosby Show' kind of thing. They always told a lesson at the end of the day. There's always a story, and comedy in it as well."

Wade, who recently formed his own production company, says he'll be very involved in producing the show. As for who will star as Daryl, Wade says that is yet to be determined.

"Who's going to play me? I haven't figured that out yet," Wade said, "but I'm sure it's going to be somebody handsome."