LeBron James might be in the 1 percent when it comes to playing basketball, but he's got a lot in common with millions of regular working Americans. For example, the Miami Heat star revealed that his future in-laws have been living with him this NBA season.

James and Savannah Brunson, his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his children, became engaged somewhat recently. During his first season in Miami, Brunson stayed back in Ohio because their sons had already started school in Ohio. That all changed before this NBA season. "Her mom and dad have been living with us as well," LeBron told the Palm Beach Post.

Of course, being filthy rich makes things a bit easier, LeBron lives in a six-bedroom, 8 1/2-bathroom palace that has more than 12,000 square feet of indoor living space. Don't forget the water views from every room in the three story home overlooking Biscayne Bay.

When leaving the Cavaliers in the summer of 2010, James famously said he was taking his talents to South Beach, and now he admits that South Florida has much more to offer. "I think the thing with Miami, people hear Miami they automatically think South Beach and party life and palm trees and water," James said. "They don't know about the school systems, they don't know about the communities."

LeBron lives in the Coconut Grove neighborhood, but he still can't get around much of South Florida without the use of a GPS. However, he does enjoy exploring on his bicycle.

His sons, LeBron Jr. (7) (who already plays AAU basketball) and younger brother Bryce (4), are buddies with Dwyane Wade and Juwan Howard's sons. James says the kids are beginning to get a grasp of what dad does for a living. "They are starting to get a little bit of understanding of 'Our Dad is' I don't even want to say 'famous,' because they don't really know what the word famous is, but it's like, 'Our Dad is cool,'" James said. "And a lot of people know him."

By the way, the boys enjoy the spotlight.

"My kids, they like it," James said. "They get into the picture sometimes, too."

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