The Oregon Ducks have 512 uniform combinations to entice recruits, and if that wasn't enough, their locker room can beat the other 119 in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Bryan Bennett, a sophomore quarterback, takes fans inside the Ducks' locker room, and let's just say you'd be hard pressed to find a more impressive facility in the National Football League.

The football building is dedicated to legendary Oregon booster Phil Knight. Accordingly, the co-founder and chairman of Nike doesn't have your typical boring photo displayed. Knight, with a net worth of more than $14 billion, is showcased wearing a sweet pair of shades. And by sweet, we mean they look like something out of "Blade Runner" or "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Beyond that, each individual player's locker includes the latest in technology, according to the official Oregon Ducks channel on YouTube. Locker stalls are metal, with vents above each player's equipment to prevent that nasty smell of body odor on shoulder pads from stinking up the facility.

In addition, the lighting system has three options: Lounge, Huddle and Game Day. The locker room has sensors that match the lighting in Autzen Stadium, so that on game day the players don't have to change their eyes to adjust to the light, they're ready to go.

Oregon's football team has a 34-6 record the past three years, including a Rose Bowl win.

The two-story facility also features lockers that are angled toward the middle of the room so that players can hear every word from coach Chip Kelly.

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