What makes someone a Democrat or a Republican? That's a complicated question, but when it comes to professional sports, party lines happen to resemble sporting lines.

Basketball players skew liberal, while football players tend to be more conservative.

NBA players, executives and owners have chipped in $2.6 million to federal campaigns, with most of it going to Democrats since 2009. Business Week reports via OpenSecrets.org that 61 percent of NBA contributions have gone to the more liberal leaning political party.

NBA commissioner David Stern leads the pack of generous basketball donors, giving more than $300,000 to those seeking political office, with pretty much all of it headed to the Democrats.

LeBron James, Chris Paul, Vince Carter and legends Magic Johnson and Alonzo Mourning all recently wrote checks of $30,000 to help support President Barack Obama's reelection efforts.

On the other hand, of the $2.8 billion given in checks from the NFL since 2009, nearly 58 percent has gone to the GOP, according to OpenSecrets.org.

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, who made his riches in the energy business, has given more than $215,000 to campaigns since 2009, with most of it headed to the Republican party.

Although Business Week didn't touch on baseball, MLB commissioner Bud Selig donated $10,000 to the Democratic party in 2011.

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