There's a little bit of cringing and a little bit of glee when a pro golfer whiffs on a shot. One the one hand, we've all been there and it's nice to know the best in the world screw up too. On the other hand, a mis-hit in front of hundreds or thousands is hard to watch.

But sometimes -- rarely -- we can enjoy both the error and the end result. Consider Angela Stanford's first-round gaffe at the HSBC Women's Champions:

Yikes. That's what us weekend schmoes call a worm burner.

But what separates Stanford from the rest of us is the fact that she birdied the Par 5 hole. And what really separates her from pretty much every golfer on the planet is that she hit a shot like that in the first round, didn't make a bogey all round, and then won the tournament in a playoff Sunday. It was her first Tour win since 2009.

And this wasn't some afterthought stop on the circuit. Stanford won a tournament entered by 18 of the top 20 LPGA golfers in the world.

So next time you top one on your local muni ... well, just try to hit the next one square.

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