You might not take football advice from him this season, but Chad Ochocinco is still an all-pro in the world of social media.

Ochocinco's first year with the Patriots has been an out-of-this-world disaster on the field, but he's continued to annihilate the rest of the NFL on Twitter. According to WBZ-TV Boston, a professor at Emerson College challenged his students to a project: Make contact with the Ocho via Twitter.

That's a lot tougher than it sounds when you consider that Ochocinco has nearly three million people following him and gets a tweet back every three seconds when he sends one out.

Ochocinco has the sixth most followers of any athlete in the world on Twitter, according to Only Shaquille O'Neal, Lance Armstrong, the NBA, the Lakers and Dwight Howard of the Magic have more devotees on the social media site.

Yet the Emerson students managed to reach Ochocinco, and he agreed to meet with them over dinner at a sandwich shop in Cambridge. He showed up with no entourage; it was just him and his fiancee, who he met (of course) on Twitter.

While the Patriots are 10-3, Ochocinco has just 13 catches and no touchdowns in 12 games played this season. That's rather shocking when you consider he hasn't had fewer than 53 receptions since his rookie
year in 2001.

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Ochocinco gave the Emerson students a five-point guide to becoming a success on Twitter, according to the Boston Herald.

NFL Star Ochocinco's Twitter Guide:

1.) Be Inventive: Claims his creativity has helped him get a following.

2.) Don't censor yourself: He enjoys using salty language (aka cursing) on his feed.

3.) Use it to pick up dates: Ocho says he met his fiancee on the site because they had a fight.

4.) Have comebacks ready: The Pats star enjoys responding to negative comments with witty zingers.

5.) Do it yourself: Ocho claims he's the only one who ever handles his Twitter feed.

This five-point guide could also be used for making up end-zone celebrations, but we suppose that goes without saying.

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