Lamar Odom
"When a team trades u and it doesn't go down? Now what?"
How I See It: And you thought the Kardashians were a soap opera ...

David West
"Whoa there...."
How I See It: Now I might get traded? Hold on a second.

Dwight Howard
"Breaking news. Jus signed five yr deal with the mighty ducks. Let's get this flying V going. Lol"
How I See It: At least somebody has a sense of humor about all this.

Kris Humphries
"Just saw people ice fishing! The lakes aren't even frozen all the way. CRAZY!"
How I See It: Back to Lamar's comment: They're a worse soap opera. Get out of LA ASAP.

LeBron James
"At my niece "Chubbs" middle school game. They not doing to well. 36-6 in the 2nd period. Ouch!! #livetofightanotherday"
How I See It: When can she opt out and join forces with the other team's star?

Dirk Nowitzki
"Eine legende verabschiedet sich. War ne super letzte sendung. Emotionales ende. War froh, dass ich dabei sein durfte. Alles gut tommy!"
How I See It: Translation: Despite all these trades, I'm guaranteeing a repeat.