As we learned from the story of former Indianapolis Colts standout Mike Vanderjagt, kickers should be seen and not heard. But Ohio University punter Paul Hershey decided to let something other than his foot do the talking on Sunday, and he paid the ultimate social media price.

Upon hearing his Bobcats team got an invite to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in Boise, Idaho, Hershey took to the Twitterwaves to voice his ... gratitude.

"Idaho??," Hershey tweeted, "Who the (bleep) wants to play there in December??"

Hershey then endured an an all-out blitz from followers and others, and did the equivalent of run out of the back of the end zone.

"As the punter," he tweeted to Toledo Blade writer Zach Silka, "obviously I don't want to play in the cold."

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Sure. Because it's downright balmy in Ohio, where Hershey plays now.

Instead of hanging in there to further explain his sideswipe to fans, Idahoans, and NFL scouts from cold weather teams, Hershey did the honorable thing and committed Twittercide. No word on whether he was told to kill his account or if he did it on his own. He didn't leave a note.

Hershey is a good punter. He was all-MAC in 2010 and even scored a touchdown. But unless you're all-world LSU punter Brad Wing -- and even if you are -- you shouldn't be ripping entire states. Especially Idaho, which supplies most of the delectable fries served at our nation's finest food establishments.

Ohio will be playing Utah State in the former Humanitarian Bowl. The Aggies haven't been bowling since 1997, so they probably won't be complaining about the Idaho weather.

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